2014 Kuching Trade Festival Roadshow

The Kuching Festival 2014 was held on 1.8.2014 to 24.8.2014 from 6 to 11pm at Majlis Bandaraya Kuching Selatan (MBKS). Visitors can enjoys variety of local and international cuisines, and events such as musical performance, garden show, trade and fun fair. The number of visitor to Kuching Festival has reached 40,000 people which provide an opportunity for our company, N.B Motor Trading to introduce and promote our products and service, and as well attract more customers to boost up the sales.

N.B Motor has joined the Kuching Trade Festival roadshow and offers the full range of N.B Motor’s product like Daiichi motorcycles, JAC truck, and Zoomlion excavator for customer to enhance further information. N.B Motor is also doing some promotion during this roadshow by giving good discount on Daiichi jacket, Helmet and T-shirt to any of the successful purchaser of motorcycle sales.

A special price also offers for Zoomlion excavator, JAC truck. Furthermore Institut Memandu NB also provides the registration form for new rider interested to take up driving license during the roadshow.

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